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Clearing The Cache: The Joy of De-Tasking in the Age of Hyper Productivity

Do you sometimes know you should be more like Windows 8 but feel like a Costco-bought Dell using Windows 95 with 8 MB of RAM (and only because you went to Fry’s and bought 4 extra megs at $100 a

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Are you in a Twitter rut? Stop Digging.

“They” say that if you’re in a rut, stop digging. Are you talking to the same people over and over and over again? Do you only spend time on Twitter in your “mentions” column? We all have days where we’re

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Six Tips to Gain Followers Through Engagement

How do you gain followers? This is the question I am often asked. “Do I buy followers?” No. In fact, most of the time people can tell when you have bought followers, as my colleague Carol Stephen describes in her

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Let Them Eat ROI – Mirror Marketing for B2C

It’s Saturday and The Mr and I are about to drive to Oceanside for a baby shower. It’s humid. It’s eighty-something-degrees. We are having Florida weather. I wanted caffeine, but not a Diet Coke. I thought, “I know, we’ll go

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Can you fall in love with a brand? Why I always Tweet About my @ZipzShoes

Falling in love with a brand – we hear about this a lot these days. Branding is the new black. Guy Kawasaki is known for being a “brand evangelist” for Apple back in the day, but can a brand really

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Extend a Tweet’s Life

One of the takeaways from “Can you fall in love with a brand?” is how to extend the life of a tweet. Tweets, essentially, are public text messages with a link. If it has a link, it can be embeded

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Learning Twitter with @PeddlingPetals – A Screencast Series

I’ve decided to start a new Twitter account, a fictitious flower shop called Peddling Petals (my husband’s idea). Here is the first video, go to the playlist for updates. Shortlink to playlist: What Twitter questions to you have that

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A Review of SmartStream by OneQube

Third party twitter tools can be really awesome but appear to have the lifespan of a blowfly. Hyperbole it may be, but you get a bit attached to your favorite tools. There’s a graveyard of twitter tools that are no

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Live Tweeting Events – A Great Event Promotion Tool

Live tweeting at events is quite fun and has a lot of benefits. Most recently I tweeted during the classes I took at Orange County’s WordCamp (#wcoc), June 1, 2013. Personally, I love it. I type fast, it’s a fun way to sort

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Organize Your Twitter Stream – Use Lists

Organization is important in almost every area of our lives whether we’re categorizing seeds (like in the photo), filing receipts for tax time, or following people on Twitter. Often those new to Twitter complain that there is so much to

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