What’s My Agenda Anyway?

guru logoWhy did I start this account and give myself more work?

Do I want to start a social media firm?  Um. No.

But I am passionate about social media and the need, especially, for businesses to get on board.

For ten years after I taught junior high and high school math, I tutored algebra, all because of word-of-mouth.  I was a great tutor because of my ability to tailor my teaching method to a person’s learning style and needs.  I retired for my sanity (yes, I have a full-time “regular” job) but then started doing the same thing with social media.

I have a few friends that I’ve helped setup their social media accounts and a few ministries that I help along as well.  So why add to my already-heavy workload?

I realize that I’d never want to be their social media person.

I don’t want to be them.  I want them to realize that they have the capability and potential to be their own brand’s evangelist. That’s partly why I chose the name:  You, too can be a guru.  Anyone can do this and I’d rather tutor people, get them going, and let them ride their own social media bike.
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