Facebook Page Praise: The Cottage Restaurant

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1/30/13 Update: Unfortunately, this business closed 12/26/12 due to a leasing issue.

Modelling is a powerful teacher and one of the best ways to learn.

One Facebook Page that I am particularly impressed with is a local gem: The Cottage Restaurant.

They have a rich history as their website describes:

The Cottage is a landmark home that has watched the ever-changing Laguna Beach surf for nearly a century and serving as a restaurant for 47 years. The building, characterized by its sweeping oriental roof lines, was constructed in 1917 when the majority of Laguna Beach was “board and batten” beach cottages.

My husband and I have eaten there a couple times over the last few years and enjoy the charm, service, and quality of their menu.

Lately, however, we’ve taken notice of their Facebook Page.

Granted, my husband (affectionally called “The Mr.”) is influenced a bit by me, but he’s no techie. In fact, I often test websites, logo designs, and blog posts on him because he’s my go-to-average-Joe.

While driving the other day he said:

“Did you see the photo The Cottage posted? I like them even more because they’re so good at social media.”

Yes. He did say that. Yes. He’s 75 years old.

It occurred to me that I felt the same.

And so here we are, recommending them to you as a good example of a Facebook Page.

I think anyone can follow their page and gain a feel of what makes a Facebook Page successful and fun.

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