Don’t be a Twit – Tilting at Internet Scarecrows

Scarecrow by Joi Ito, on Flickr

Scarecrow by Joi Ito, on Flickr

My friend Stacy wrote:
“I have a Twitter pet peeve – TrueTwit Validation…have you written on this yet?”

Though I’ve never read Don Quixote, I’m aware of the tilting at windmill cultural reference. But for this post, scarecrows is more appropriate.

All of us are afraid of the crows. We set up our digital spaces, trying to keep the spammers and trolls from eating our developing crop.

One scarecrow is good, common sense. A field of scarecrows is extreme.

Some of the things people do to protect themselves from spammers actually drives away regular people, too. I, for one, am sick of having to prove that I am a legitimate, breathing human being to computers. This isn’t 2001: A Space Odyssey. You’re not HAL. I’m not Dave.

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Feel Free to Browse: My Favorite Browers

Updated March 15, 2014

“The Internet “browser… is the piece of software that puts a message on your computer screen informing you that the Internet is currently busy and you should try again later.” ~ Dave Barry

A situation arose last week that prompted me to consider the browsers I use and why.

Now, I’m more of a Social-Media-Geek and less of an IT-Geek, so that is my single disclaimer.

  1. Google Chrome
    • Yep. It’s my top choice.  It didn’t use to be but I like the speed, easy-to-use apps (extensions), and it’s simplicity.
    • It gives you the ability to sync when you are signed into Google.  This allows you to save your bookmarks, settings, and suchlike to keep your experience the same no matter the computer you are using.
    • My most used app is TweetDeck.
  2. Apple’s Safari
    • I used to hate Safari but Apple has made a lot of improvements, including the “omnibar” where you can either enter the URL address or use it to search.
  3. Mozilla Firefox
    • Once I found Firefox I was in love.  However,  it used to be my first love and, though I am happy with it in general, it started crashing a lot. That’s when I fully committed to Chrome.

I use all of these browsers on a daily basis for different reasons.  Are you using any of these?

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