Bridget Willard: My Street Cred

Secretary by Trade, Teacher by Degree, Marketer by Instinct

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bridget-100714Remember that old commercial that said “when E.F. Hutton talks, people listen?” Well, I’m no @UNMarketing, @GuyKawasaki, @GaryVee, or @MariSmith (some of the only people that qualify for the guru title), but I do have some experience.

I get annoyed a bit when I hear the term “guru” because it’s overused. As a term of endearment, however, friends have referred to me as a guru, office goddess, or other some such nonsense. I just love “computers.” I have been dabbling on the internet since the early 90’s. I even blogged before blogging was popular (each post was a separate html page, crazy right).

I graduated college with a BA in Liberal Studies, got my Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential and after one year my path took another route. That combination of skills has presented opportunities to tutor others and help get accounts started.

Seriously. Google my name. You’ll find my content.





Yes, I am the face behind Riggins Construction & Management, Inc. In addition to designing and maintaining the website, I also write all of the copy so you may see cross-posting from time to time.

Social Media Management:

Kevin Sarno (Jordan Roof LA)

These are my two volunteer accounts.

Pardoned Prodigals

Pacific Grove High School Class of 1991

Ghost Writing:

I’ve recently began ghost writing. If I told you for whom, I’d have to kill you.

Past Social Media Management:

Combined Men’s Ministry (January 2003 October 2011)

Calvary Chapel Seaside

Wilson Barnett, Inc.

  • Designed Starter Website (2001 – April 2012)
  • Twitter (10/16/2009 – 10/31/13)
  • Facebook Page (7/25/11 – 10/31/13)

Jeff Shaffer Plumbing

British 4×4

Anthony Faust & Company

Hard Habit 2 Break (Chicago Tribute Band)